Night owl 

Another one of those sleepless nights. Nights where my eyes refuse to rest and when they do my soul is restless. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, I’ve come to find comfort in the dark along with my deepest and darkest emotions and thoughts that happen at night as well. Whether I’m inspired to do something or completely drained of energy and motivation, it’s always in the night. When I’m tossing and turning in bed thinking about everything and anything. That’s the pattern, my pattern. Where I’m second guessing every decision, every situation and I can’t help it, because in the quiet all I can hear is the voices inside me and they can be my muse or my worst enemy ever like my own doom. I question my potential, whether I even have any potential, my inability to even once get myself out of the mess baffles me. How? How do other people do it? People have long gone to bed, be it happy, sad, satisfied but they’ve at least gone to sleep, forgotten their problems and yet here I am, wide awake. Not knowing how to know about things. Weren’t you suppose to already figure some shit out by the time you’re 20? I mean that’s what i always thought. For the night is dark and full of terrors, yeah? ( couldn’t resist, it’s GOT week) Terrors of my mind, fuck yes.


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